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Organic Religion Juices and our Detox Programs are innovative functional products for healthy nutrition


Tara Ostrowe

Our chief nutritionist and author of the Organic Religion Detox Program
Tara is one of the most popular nutritionists in the United States. She specializes in healthy nutrition, weight management, and sports nutrition and is the team nutritionist to several sports clubs such as the New York Giants, AS Monaco FC, and the New York Red Bulls.
Tara is a recognized professional in the field of Nutritional Science. She earned a Master's degree in nutrition and exercise physiology from Columbia University, where she also completed her dietetic internship.
Более 15 лет Тара ведет консультационную практику по диетологии в Нью-Йорке. С 2000 по 2007 годы Тара была главным врачом-диетологом всемирно известного медицинского центра, где стала разработчиком всех программ здорового образа жизни и питания, а так же возглавляла группу, проводившую клинические испытания в области питания и диетологии.


Ekaterina Komolova

Delevopment director

Lunar Hare
Very tasty! On the one hand, you can drink it easily; on the other hand, you get a sense of fullness and do not feel hunger. My favorite is — «Sweet dream».

Vlada Roslyakova

Top model
влада рослякова
Organic Religion Juices is a product beyond all reproach for those who wants to stay in shape. When I stay in Moscow, I am always ordering for me the detox program by Organic Religion. It helps me to feel lighter, cheerful and gives me healthy complexion. With cold pressed healthy juices, I can quickly restore myself after long flights and jet lags. I am very happy to see the delicious juices in Moscow!

olga pyisina

Marketing director
of the Department Store
ольга пысина
This is an essential detox program for those, who lives in the urban and wants to control their nutrition, but cannot find time for it. With Organic Religion you get the opportunity to order an one-day detox program that can be done round the clock. While detoxing you do not need to think what proportions are beneficial to your body – no need to think how to drink, because everything is done for you by a professional dietitian. Also there is no problem of pressing juices and storing them during the day anymore, because the cold-pressed juices can be stored for 2 days while retaining beneficial elements. Everything is delivered promptly to your address in the morning! Quick note that they are very delicious juices for drinking them during the day - a pleasant procedure. In my opinion, this is the best option for busy people who want to control their nutrition and wellness and who is practicing refeed days during the week.

Mariya Fedorova

Chief-editor of 
Glamour Journal
маша федорова
After some short but stormy weekends in Italy, where I enjoyed not only the sun, air and sea, but also the food, already prohibited from being imported to Russia, I was thinking already on my flight, that the very first day back home I should order an Organic Religion detox program to my office. I realized after the first time I have tried this program, that it's not only easy, healthy, and tasty – it also purifies the body of needless elements and helps to lose weight. If you do not have the time or ability to cook your own regularly and healthy menu for day, order such a complex – it is the perfect move.

Natasha Gulyaeva

Independent PR-consultant
IMG_2015-10-21 20:32:12
I buy Organic Religion juices every month, they are my healthy drug! I start to feel excitement even when the deliveryman rings on my door and gives me the magic packet :) I absolutely love all the tastes, I especially like the cashew milk juice.


Organic Religion juices are made by cold press methods
Usual method
Fewer vitamins due to high speed extractions
Cold-pressed method
Сохраняются все витамины, минералы и микроэлементы за счёт щадящего отжима