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Detox Week-7

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A super easy Detox Week-7 is a program of three juice sets for seven days, which will replace your breakfast. During these days, in addition to juices and smoothies from Organic Religion we would recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables, products with a minimum heat treatment and also to eliminate harmful products.
This program helps cleanse the lymphatic system, stimulates the liver to remove toxins, alkaline the body, hydrated, and nourish with beneficial trace elements. Detox Week energizes the body in the morning, keeps it well nourished during the entire day, and provides a pleasant feeling of lightness with a burst of energy in the evening. The program is designed by our nutritionist, Tara Ostrowe.
Detox Week Plan (calculated on the morning dose of all three components at intervals of 30 minutes).

Items, allowed during the program
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
The program contains

Lemonade detox (300 ml) ×7, Green Power (300 ml) × 7, Get Recover (300 ml) ×7